Benifit for my little nephew

On December 29, I received one of those dreaded phone calls. My best friends son, whom I call my nephew, had a brain tumor. The tumor was removed the following day, but due to all the roots that were inoperable, he had to start chemo treatments. I just came home from visiting them at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), which was during his 4th chemo treatment. I can't put into words how this situation has made me feel. Anyone who is a parent, should understand. They are already incurring incredible medical bills. Once his stem cell transplant takes place, another million will be tacked onto the bill. I am doing everything that I can to help my friends/family out. I have added this donation button for anyone who would like to donate. Any amount will be greatly appreciated, and every dollar adds up. With the help of friends, we are trying to get a benefit show together. Info will be updated once we get that finalized. Thank you all for your time and support." Dee Dee

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